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The Chief

Linda Archer

Linda Archer | Queen

I have been in the publishing game since the dark ages. Right out of college I got the opportunity to work with a nationally recognized, award winning ad agency and eventually became the youngest art director in the company's history. Back then everything was done by hand. I had to create all of my designs using nothing but pencil and markers on tissue paper. However, it was in that position that I was first introduced to computers. I was bitten by the technology bug and have enjoyed riding the wave of technology ever since, remaining on the forefront of innovation.
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The Jungle

Kristi McCall

Kristi McCall | Creative Director

Kristi has been with Jaguar Design since they were just a bunch of kittens. She has been coming up with creative answers to the many communication problems that have floated across her desk since the year 2000. Kristi has a degree in Art from UCSC, and an infatuation with most anything mid-century modern.
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Cory Kanow

Cory Kanow | Graphic Designer

Cory tortured himself as a faux-Econ major for two years before realizing his true calling as a graphic designer. Cory pays an unhealthy amount of attention to his favorite sports teams, reads the Sunday newspaper only for the ads and prefers cats to dogs. Cory has been a Jaguarian since November 2004 and is still confused by the law of diminishing returns.

Liv Ling

Liv Ling | Graphic Designer

Hailing from the far away land of Germany, Liv became a member of the Jaguar family in October 2006. Liv has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from Georgia State University. She has been designing for over 12 years and the German in her keeps everything orderly, yet beautiful. Liv lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her husband and two sons. When she is not tied to the computer or busy taking care of her brood, she likes to explore the outdoors or stroll around historic Annapolis.

The Cave

Brendon Rapp

Brendon Rapp | Technical Director

Like many products of the Valley, Brendon eats, sleeps, and breathes technology. Only in his case, the Valley he is from is the San Joaquin. Surrounded by farmland on all sides, Brendon spent his younger years tinkering with every piece of tech he could get his hands on. He got started in web development in high school, creating a video game reviews website, and managed to attract companies like Sony and Sega into providing review copies of games for coverage. (It was the late '90s, nobody knew any better.)
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Zach Archer

Zach Archer | Project Manager

Zach was part of the Jaguar team when they opened their doors on day one. He set up the first servers and did some of the web work when Dreamweaver was still cutting edge. He left for a period of time to follow his aviation career, but after a decade makes his triumphant return as project manager of the Cave.

The Council

Noni Borden

Noni Borden | The Dough

Noni (who just happens to be Linda's Mom) joined the Jaguar team at its inception. The plan was for her to stay a year to get the systems into place. She was having so much fun that she is still here. Noni comes from a varied background: first as a baker, a bookkeeper and then twenty-five years as a landscape designer. She has gone full circle since she is once again keeper of the dough.

The Lounge

Megan Archer

Megan Archer | Interior Designer

From a very young age Megan has always been full of creativity. She started posing her friends and family in the backyard for portraits when she was 10 years old. While attending San Jose State in pursuit of her Photography degree she found a real passion in creating sets and backgrounds for her photography subjects. This led to a realized talent in interior, environmental and set design.
Megan loves spending time with her husband and new baby daughter. When she is not chasing after a teething baby on the verge of walking she likes to restore vintage house decor, antique fairs, Pinterest, planning parties and time travel. And much like the TARDIS her imagination is bigger on the inside.